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The Empowering CoachingTM workshop was designed by a team of researchers from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham, viagra UK.

Their work focuses on understanding the role of coaches and teachers in promoting or undermining young people's motivation, discount well-being, quality of engagement and physical activity levels. The Empowering CoachingTM team are committed to enhancing the youth sport experience via the promotion of empowering coaching.

We offer workshops to coaches, P.E teachers and dance instructors who work with young people, at any level of participation. In the UK, we deliver workshops at football clubs in the Midlands, London and Yorkshire. Our programme is also active in France, Greece, Norway and Spain.

Feedback from coaches that have attended the workshop is very positive:

“I have been a football coach for over 10 years… but this course really opened my eyes.”

 “There is definitely a place for this course… I believe that 100%.”

“For me it was a wonderful seminar. I mean, I really learned a lot from it.”

 World class players have also come on board as Empowering Coaching™ tutors and have supported the programme:

I would certainly recommend coaches coming to the Empowering Coaching™ workshop. It is not only about how coaches can effect players but it is about empowering you as a coach… giving you strategies to support your development and that of the players you are working with. So you as a coach will start to understand what you are doing well, what else you can achieve and how you can develop the group of players in front of you – not just as footballers but as people as well”. Marianne Spacey, ex-England International Player and trained Empowering Coaching™ workshop tutor.


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