End of Project Dissemination Conference

To mark the formal conclusion of the PAPA project, clinic at the end of September 2013 members of the PAPA Project came together to present their findings at a special one-day event.

The end of project dissemination conference was held at St George's Park, there the new state-of-the-art National Centre of the English Football Association, in Burton-on-Trent, England. Attendees included members of the PAPA Project consortium, coaches who participated in the project, and representatives and policy makers from various sport organisations from across England.

The day featured discussions with our Coach Educators that delivered the Empowering Coaching workshops and reflections from the grassroots football coaches that received the workshop intervention. Presentations focussed on the background and methodology behind the project, the emanating findings and implications for future research and policies.


Download the PAPA Brochure to read more about our findings.