Why is the programme needed?

Not all athletes have a positive experience in sport: Some athletes do not reap the positive consequences that playing sport can bring. Many young athletes find competing to be more stressful than fun, seek fear making a mistake and dread losing. Some of these participants believe that winning is all that matters. Rather than helping them feel better about themselves, playing sport can diminish some athlete's sense of self worth. As a result, many athletes drop out of sport during the teenage years. 

Coaches can make the difference! Many factors impact upon whether sporting experiences are positive or negative. One is the 'motivational climate' that is created on the team. We feel this is exciting as well as promising news for the world of youth sport! The majority of coaches took on their role because they want to make a difference in the lives of athletes. The great news is, coaches do make a difference!

However, creating a motivational climate that optimises the performance potential and enjoyment of every athlete in your team is no easy task.

The Empowering CoachingTM programme helps coaches to create the optimal motivational climate, to understand how to nurture quality motivation and maximise the sport experience for every child.



The coach-created environment, social context, or atmosphere, as perceived by the players. The motivational climate determines whether kids have a positive or negative experience in football.

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