The Empowering Coaching Programme

...helps coaches, healing teachers and instructors to understand how to maximise the quality of the sport experience for every athlete, at any level.

An educational course, open to coaches, dance instructors and P.E teachers. Our course provides opportunities for those working with athletes, dancers and other sport participants to understand the basic principles behind Empowering CoachingTM. Equipped with this knowledge, attendees are challenged to re-evaluate common coaching practices. Coaches work together to enhance their existing motivational climate and to develop new strategies to help them create a more empowering environment in training and competitive settings.

Theory grounded and evidence based. The Empowering CoachingTM approach is based on theories of motivation and leader influence as well as research evidence in sport and other domains (e.g. the classroom).

Our aim is to share this knowledge with coaches, dance instructors and P.E teachers.  From the scientific literature, we are fully aware of the key aspects of the coach-created climate that can positively or negatively influence the motivation and well-being among those engaged in physical activity in these settings.

An empowering, enjoyable and educational experience for coaches. Our expert tutors have a good understanding of the processes (or mechanisms) by which coach behaviours impact participants' motivation and well-being. The Empowering CoachingTM programme helps coaches, dance instructors and P.E teachers to develop an understanding of these basic principles.

Working together to bring theory and research to life . Our goal is to support coaches, teachers and instructors in identifying how they can integrate the Empowering CoachingTM perspectives into their own personal coaching or teaching style. We would like to help coaches and teachers develop their own strategies for promoting a more empowering climate in training and competition…to help us all further promote healthier sport for healthier kids!


  • To help coaches, teachers and instructors understand how they can create a more empowering motivational climate in training and competition
  • Working with coaches, teachers and instructors to make sport and dance participation more enjoyable, engaging and empowering, for everyone
  • Promote healthier sport experiences for healthier kids!
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