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Street Games

Street Games is a national sports charity helping young people in the UK’s most disadvantaged areas. We’re working with Street Games to empower their coaches to give young people positive experiences in sport that will give them life skills and help build their confidence.

Aspire Academy

Based in Qatar, Aspire Academy is a sports academy that supports athletically talented boys to reach their potential. Professor Joan has been working with academy coaches to provide them with tools and strategies to help the young athletes train in a positive and motivational environment.

Alliance of Sport

The Alliance of Sport believes in using the power of sport to create positive behaviours and attitudes in young people to prevent them becoming involved with crime, and to rehabilitate young offenders. Empowering coaching is supporting the Alliance with this aim by giving their coaches tools to motivate and inspire young people.

University of Birmingham

Empowering Coaching began as a project within the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at Birmingham University. Now a successful program in its own right, Empowering Coaching has kept its links with the University and continues to work with the department towards empowering coaching in sport.

Dame Kelly Home Trust

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust exists to help disadvantaged young people get on track by engaging them in sport. Empowering Coaching are working with the Trust to help high level athletes provide coaching to young people that will improve their prospects in education, health and society.

DCC Community Sport

DCC Community Sport brings together sports associations across Denbighshire and North Wales and provides a valuable community resource for volunteers, fans, coaches and clubs in the region. Empowering Coaching is working with DCC Community Sport to provide training and support to local coaches and volunteers.

Sport Wales

Sport Wales are on a mission to develop a nation of sporting champions by encouraging participation in sporting activities at a grassroots level. We’re supporting them in this mission by empowering coaches with the knowledge and training they need to motivate, engage and inspire children in sport.

QPR Community Trust

The QPR Community Trust is the charitable arm of Queens Park Rangers football club. They work in partnership with communities to develop an inclusive range of sporting, educational, cultural and social opportunities. Empowering Coaching work with the Trust to ensure these activities are offered within a positive and motivational climate.

Valencia University

Valencia University, Spain, are one of our overseas partners. We’ve partnered with them to train Empowering Coaching tutors in Spain, spreading the power of positive coaching around the globe!

Bristol Rugby

The Bristol Rugby team run a number of outreach programmes in the local community to engage young people in sport, and to use sport to inspire them in other areas of life. We are working in collaboration with Bristol Rugby to deliver Empowering Coaching workshops in and around the Bristol area.

Newport Live Sports Development

The Newport Live Sports Development team delivers and facilitates high quality sporting opportunities for children, families, schools, communities, sports clubs, and local groups across Newport. Empowering Coaching worked with the team on a research project, collecting valuable data to inform empowerment strategies in coaching.

coaching programmes

Loughborough University

The Loughborough University London Institute for Sport Business is based at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The University has built a reputation for producing outstanding athletes through the years and are now working with Empowering Coaching to ensure a positive training climate for future athletes.

Motiv8 Sports

Motiv8 sports is a community fitness, lifestyle and personal development company. As a community sports group they aim to bring sports to people in a fun, vibrant and inclusive format and to the places where the people want to take part and feel comfortable doing so. Empowering Coaching have provided workshops for their coaches and community sports leaders.

Waseda University

We’ve expanded our community of empowering coaches as far as Japan, through our partnership with Waseda University. By sharing research resources we are building a better picture of how to engage and inspire young people in positive sporting environments around the world.


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