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What we do

Located within the University of Birmingham, Empowering Coaching™ is an evolving social enterprise with a mission centering on the development, implementation, and evaluation of theory- and evidence-based educational materials/courses focused on promoting active and healthy lifestyles, skill development/excellence, optimal development and well-being in young people.

Why we do it

Many factors impact upon whether sporting experiences are positive or negative. One is the ‘motivational climate’ that is created on the team. We feel this is exciting as well as promising news for the world of youth sport! The majority of coaches took on their role because they want to make a difference in the lives of athletes. The great news is, coaches do make a difference!


The ‘PAPA’ Project

The aim of the Promoting Adolescents Physical Activity (PAPA) project (see was to customize and evaluate the Empowering Coaching™ education programme in the context of grassroots youth football. 

In the PAPA project, we recruited nearly 10,000 10-14 year old boys and girls participating in grassroots football from 5 European countries (England, France, Greece, Spain and Norway). The boys and girls and their coaches were allocated to the intervention or control group, and the former group involved the coaches attending the 6-hour Empowering Coaching™ workshop.




Convinced already? Book an empowering coaching course and begin your journey into becoming a empowering coach.

Empowering PE™ in Welsh Secondary Schools

In this project funded by Sport Wales and in collaboration with colleagues from Cardiff Met University, the Empowering PE™ programme was evaluated in over 800 year 9 pupils and their PE teachers in secondary schools across Wales.



More than I ever expected, really enjoyed the course and I may have to entroll again!

tyler durden – usa

very impressive

I am very impressed by everything that I learned and practised during this course, bravo!

Marla Singer – usa

nice teachers

I really got on with everybody that I met on the course, 100% recommended

Robert Paulson – usa

Empowering Coaching for Doorstep Sport

Funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, this collaborative project between the University of Birmingham and StreetGames explored the impact of developing and implementing a tailored version of the Empowering Coaching™ workshop to develop the skills of Doorstep Sports coaches and volunteers working with young people from disadvantaged communities. The Empowering Coaching™ training allowed the coaches to more readily promote a more positive and adaptive environment for the young people attending Doorstep Sport sessions, which had a positive impact on the young people’s motivation, engagement and well-being.