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Not all individuals have a positive experience in their activity:

Some people do not reap the positive consequences that doing their activity can bring. For example, in sport, many participants find competing to be more stressful than fun, they fear making a mistake and dread losing. Some of these participants believe that winning is all that matters. Rather than helping them feel better about themselves, playing sport can damage some people’s sense of self worth. As a result, many people drop out of sport.

You make the difference

Many factors impact upon whether an activity is experienced as positive or negative. One important factor is the ‘motivational climate’ that is created on the team, in the classroom or at home. We feel this is exciting as well as promising news! The majority of coaches, teachers and leaders took on their role because they want to make a difference in the lives of other people. The great news is, you do make a difference!

The team behind Empowering Coaching:

The Empowering Coaching™ team is based at the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

The team works to understand the role of coaches, teachers and other leaders in promoting people’s intrinsic motivation, well-being, quality of engagement and physical activity levels. The Empowering Coaching™ team are committed to enhancing the experience of people in their activities via the promotion of empowering environments.

An empowering, enjoyable sports coaching course for you!

Our expert workshop tutors have a detailed understanding of the processes by which your behaviour and communication strategies impact on your participants’ motivation and well-being. The Empowering Coaching™ workshops will also help you to develop an understanding of these principles so you can make your activity more enjoyable, engaging and empowering!


Sign up to one of our workshops and start your journey towards becoming a more empowering coach!



The Empowering Coaching™ workshops are based on theories of motivation and leader influence as well as research evidence in physical activity settings and other domains (e.g. the classroom). Equipped with a knowledge of the empowering principles, you will be challenged during the workshop to re-evaluate your coaching or leadership strategies. You will also work together with others in the workshop to enhance your existing motivational climate and to develop new strategies to help you create a more empowering environment.

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Our aim is to share this knowledge

We aim to share our knowledge of the empowering principles with you during the workshops.  From the scientific literature, we are fully aware of the key aspects of the motivational climate that can positively or negatively influence the motivation and well-being among those engaged in your activities, as well as how to support you to become more empowering!



More than I ever expected, really enjoyed the course and I may have to entroll again!

tyler durden – usa

very impressive

I am very impressed by everything that I learned and practised during this course, bravo!

Marla Singer – usa

nice teachers

I really got on with everybody that I met on the course, 100% recommended

Robert Paulson – usa

We provide workshops across the UK and Internationally

We offer workshops to coaches, P.E teachers, dance instructors and other leaders who work with  people in a range of contexts. In the UK, for example, we have delivered our workshops at sports clubs or organisations across a range of competitive levels, dance schools, primary schools and exercise clubs, and we’re continually expanding our reach. Our workshops have also been delivered internationally in countries including France, Greece, Norway, Spain, Qatar, Sweden, and Mexico.

Working together to bring theory and research to life

Our goal is to support you in identifying how you can integrate the Empowering Coaching™ perspectives into your own personal coaching, teaching or leadership style. We would like to help you develop your own strategies for promoting a more empowering climate…to help us all further promote healthier engagement in your activities!


Empowering coaching has the backing of the University of Birmingham, this continues to be one of the most important bonuses of Empowering Coaching, This backing gives us access to a considerable amount of research; bringing Empowering Coaching to the forefront of the coaching game.
Other information on the partner of Empowering Coaching will go here, this is in order to build trust in Empowering.


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Professor Joan Duda

Professor Joan Duda is recognised worldwide for her expertise on motivation psychology and coaching.

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Dr Juliette Stebbings

Professor Joan Duda is recognised worldwide for her expertise on motivation psychology and coaching.

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Dr Paul Appleton

Professor Joan Duda is recognised worldwide for her expertise on motivation psychology and coaching.

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